Why Silk

Comfortable All Year Round

*Silk breathes better than down, wicking moisture away from your body. Its unique thermal properties allow it to adjust to your body temperature,  adding a perfect layer of warmth in all seasons.

*Silk comforters drape better than down, contouring to your body, leaving no cold spots. Down runs from you, but silk comes to you.

*White Loft silk-filled comforters give you the warmth of down at a fraction of the price and half the weight!

100% Natural, Allergy Free

*Silk is 100% natural and hypoallergenic, making it a perfect alternative to down or wool. 

*Silk fibers don't break down the way feathers do; as down degrades, allergies often become worse. 

*Dust mite free. Silk naturally repels insects.

Trouble Free

*Layered silk fiber is remarkably stable; the delicate, fluffy layers"adhere" to one another, never wandering or bunching. This means our comforters require little or no quilt stitching, giving them a billowy softness, a hallmark of every White Loft product. 

*Silk fibers will never poke though the cover.

Facts About Silk:

White Loft Comforters are filled with 100% virgin silk fibers. The durable case is a thin weave of 100% cotton that allows the silk to breathe against your skin. The only chemical used in cleaning the cotton is hydrogen peroxide.

Our durable "throw" size (60" x 50") is perfect for lounging. It contains one and a half times as much silk as our other comforters and is covered with an extremely fine, 230-thread-count cotton fabric. It's a great lap blanket for your favorite chair, car, or outdoor activity.

Our comforters are designed to fasten onto our covers so that they never shift or bunch. One edge of the comforter case is closed with overlapping fabric and buttons; you can open the comforter to feel the soft silk inside! Unlike down or other fills, layered silk fibers will never protrude or spill through the buttoned casing.